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Special News Letter Nathalie Pichard 10 th Anniversary

This month brings a special edition of WFN… to celebrate its 10th anniversary! We wanted this home-made issue to be made up of experts’ personal vision about the last 10 or next 10 years in creation, studies, retail, materials, olfactory marketing… Enjoy reading! Thanks to everyone! Next WFN in June 2017.



« When we look back over the decade, when WFN started, it was almost … for fun, along the lines of the first fragrant blogs. A few readers become more and more demanding (!) and this BtB e-letter evolved, gaining visibility and professionalism. Nowadays, all English texts are validated by the guests and corrected thanks to Jan Henson’s eyes. Thanks so much Dear! Then WFN got digital support with Sylvaine Delacourte’s Esprit de Parfum, who included it into her blog. Sent exclusively to the industry actors, WFN may have now around 5000 readers (including LinkedIn contacts). However it should be noted that WFN never changed its authentic philosophy – that of being informative and loyal, without criticism: the goal was to enlighten, to boost perfumers, to unveil fragrant launches or brands sagas in order to promote the fragrance industry, the creation, from past to future. Of course, you may have seen emerging ‘niche’ brands and a selection of perfumes or events … sometimes before everyone else. The newsletters have been proud to offer expertise or knowledge to perfumers, educators, trainers, evaluators and inspire marketers or retailers. WFN SPECIAL 10 YEARS is dedicated to you. »




WFN 2007-2017  

Olivier Aron

Chantal Roos

Pierre Guéros

Nathalie Vinciguerra

Sylvaine Delacourte

Jérôme Goldberg

Dao Nguyen

Michael Edwards

Christophe Laudamiel

Stéphane Arfi

Claudia Logarich

François Hénin

Stéphanie Guinard





















Sylvaine Delacourte

Nez, parfumeur, passionnée par Guerlain.

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